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Traveling Mensans

Mensa SIGHT is the address for traveling people, besides the regular travel agency, the local tourist office and the internet.

SIGHT stands for Services for Information, Guidance and Hospitality to Travelers and mediates in contacts between traveling Mensans and Mensans who offer other Mensans facilities. Most of the 51 national Mensa's in the world have a SIGHT coordinator.

The coordinator

Our main task as Dutch coordinators is offering assistance to foreign Mensans visiting the Netherlands. We offer help to our visitors to find their way around in The Netherlands and bring them into contact or supply them with information about Mensa activities.

Often, however, the demand for accommodation will play an important part in the holiday planning for domestic and foreign Mensans, as well as some guidance during their stay. Accommodation and guidance can of course be offered by more than one Mensan.

The Host

For the Netherlands we are therefore always looking for members of Mensa, who want to make some time and / or some space available for Mensans from abroad. The host is in control of what's being offered: join a visiting Mensan for a cup of coffee somewhere in the city, or offer a place to sleep for one or more nights. But sometimes visitors only need advice on which places to visit and how to get there. So you can choose for which items you enroll yourself. Each time you are free to say Yes or No to a request (no questions asked). Although the region of Amsterdam is frequently visited by traveling Mensans, there are also requests for other parts of the country.

In the links at the bottom of this page you will find more information about SIGHT and the role of guest or host.

The Traveler

As a Dutch Mensa member traveling to another country you are also welcome to contact us. Lots of Mensans like to meet other Mensans during their trip abroad. We can hook you up with the foreign coordinator and perhaps a local host (for either meeting, or for hosting for one or more nights as well).


Henkhenk (NL1886), National SIGHT coordinator
Esperanza (NL3682), SIGHT coordinator
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